FIT Fuze - The new Fitness Application

Now available for iPhone & Apple Watch

Simple and clean

FIT Fuze was designed to let you focus on training

Clear design

FIT Fuze was designed specifically for the gym conditions. All elements are big enough and well spaced - you will never hit the wrong one.


FIT Fuze and most of it's contents are completely free.

Not only iPhone

You can run FIT Fuze on your Apple Watch and leave iPhone in your pocket.

Your feedback matters

If you have any questions or proposals regarding FIT Fuze - just shake your iPhone and submit your request.

Everything is here

FIT Fuze is shipped with all needed information - training plans and more than 200 exercises.

More Features

FIT Fuze will progress and become better alongside with you.

Predefined training plans and possibility to create your own ones

  • Different predefined training programs
  • Possibility to create your own ones
  • More than 200 fully animated exercises

Track your exercise results

Want to see your progress? No problem! FIT Fuze tracks your progress automatically and you can see your statistics in a nice graph form with date, weight & repetitions done - clearly visualized.

200+ exercises

FIT Fuze comes with more than 200+ exercises. And all of them are pre-installed - no need for any kind of internet connection in the gym! Search for your favorite exercises and create your own custom training plan.

  • All exercises sorted by muscle group
  • No need for internet connection
  • Settings to switch between kg/lbs

Animated description of all exercises

Each of the exercises has animated demo and visual representation of the muscles involed - both primary and secondary.

It's Awesome

Apple Watch Support

Select your favorite training plan, go to gym and leave your iPhone in your pocket. FIT Fuze for Apple Watch allows you to track your workout directly from your wrist!


Download FIT Fuze for free. Several predefined training plans and more than 200 exercises are pre-installed and also completly free. And the option to create your own training plans does not cost you anything!

No Registration & Log-In

FIT Fuze does not require any form of registration. Just donwload it, select a training plan and go to the gym! Try it!

Take a look

Here you can see several screenshots of the FIT Fuze app for iPhone & Apple Watch

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